Life can get pretty complicated with the death of a loved one. At a time when you want peace of mind, there are hard decisions to be made.

  • Time to think
  • Someone you can trust
  • Someone to confide in

A funeral is an opportunity to celebrate the value of a life and how that life impacted you, and everyone that knew your loved one. At Simplicity Funeral & Cremation Care, we make every effort to reflect the quality of the life that was lived.

What makes Simplicity Funeral & Cremation Care special is how we work with each family to create a meaningful service, while saving you thousands of dollars in comparison to traditional funeral firms. This is accomplished by providing the important services families want but without the unnecessary add on expenses.

You can learn more about the Simplicity Funeral & Cremation Care facilities online, but you’re also welcome to visit with us at one of our Indianapolis area locations.

You can save thousands by trusting us to take care of every detail.