Condolences for David A. Hoover

Jeff Scott posted on 1/10/19

I worked for Dave in the early 80s when he was the owner of Dave's Place Pizza in Zionsville. He somehow managed to teach us teenagers how to work hard and still have fun doing it -- a lesson I still use today. I haven't seen Dave since that time, but he still crosses my mind occasionally... and I always recall him as a kind, decent, fair and hard working man. RIP, Dave.


Ellen (Warner) Powers posted on 1/10/19

Saddened and dismayed to hear of David's passing. I'll share a memory of David. He asked me to go steady in 5th-6th grade(I think) which meant a ring was presented to signified I was his girl. I'll never forget go to the movies at Zionsville downtown theater and he held my hand. Wow, that was a moment for me! I'll always remember him as being a kind a gentle soul. Rest in God's peace, brother.


Rita Brown posted on 1/10/19

Many nights I would come home from work, see Dave’s car parked In the driveway, and the light shining through the bottom of the garage door always made me smile because I knew when I went in thru the house to enter from the kitchen, ( heaven forbid I wasn’t to open via garage door and let out the heat.) there they are in their designated seats, happy big larks. Of course, watching THE “football game” “a big game”, “very important game”, as they all were all season long. On the long table between them, a big bottle of Whiskey and Mountain Dew (depending on who is playing will determine the brand), little heaters are running, sometimes both TV’s are on. I always stepped out to say Hello, and give them the run down of my day, and usually Dave will have a comical remark or opinion which will bring us all to laughing. Doug will miss his buddy a lot...And I will too because then Doug was out from under me for several hours... God Bless you, Dave. Our new Angel of many, while you Rest In Peace. Love, Doug and Rita


doug brown posted on 1/9/19

Dave and I being huge Purdue fans, went to many games over the years. One that kind of stands out is the Purdue Wisconsin game at Wisconsin when Dave somehow ended up running out with the Wisconsin team. He almost made it on the field before security stopped him. (I think it was the PURDUE gear he had on that caught there attention)